The Story of Us

Ours is a story of a vibrant community, incredibly unique and cherished, built by people with modest means, huge hearts, and an inclination to work together for the sake of the whole. Their aspirations, inspirations, and mostly their steadfast dedication created a way of life hardly imagined by our founders.

“These low-income pioneers joined together to prove a government project successful. In the process, they undoubtedly discovered the richness of community living – of sharing a life among many friends, pursuing common causes, helping each other, and celebrating life together. Out of their relative poverty and a rather isolated settlement, our pioneers wove the strong and colorful fabric of Westacres.

“Westacres today is alive with the spirit of our early pioneers. How fortunate are we to have the opportunity to carry on their legacy! Ours is also the story of those who came later and took “thread and needle” to the Westacres tapestry.”

– The Story of Us: Westacres Celebrates 75 Years

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