Aquacade Softball Games

Aquacade softball games can often be contentious events due to the competitive nature of participates from both the North and South. For this reason, a professional, paid umpire will be on site to direct play. All umpire calls are final.

Softball Game Rules

The Softball Game Umpire makes all decisions. (Your decision is to behave and respect the umpire’s decision.)

Games are 1 hour or 6 Innings.

The start time should be noted and agreed by both teams.

At the time limit, the inning will be completed.

In the event of a tie after 6 innings or one hour, extra innings will be played.

Each team consists of 10 players (4 in Outfield)

All participants play at least ½ the game in the field. Coaches may platoon and substitute freely (Example: Two players may share a position by alternating play.)

Everyone on roster bats in the order on the roster.

3 outs per inning.

5 run limit per inning. (All innings)

Each team supplies the pitcher to pitch to them including Women 16+.

Four Pitch max….period. (Finding a good pitcher is encouraged.)

Three strikes and you are out.

Foul ball on fourth pitch you are out.

No Bunting.

No leading

No sliding

No stealing

Runners may tag up

Only the softball supplied by the Association shall be used. (Chicago for all Men.) Ball hit into the outfield woods is considered a home run.