Community-specific FAQs

Where can I go to ask general neighborhood questions?

  • For general questions not addressed here, you can email and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person for response. Position-specific email addresses for the Westacres Community Association, Westacres Women’s Club, and others can be found within the ‘Contacts’ tab on the site.

When are our yearly dues due? Can I pay electronically?

  • Westacres Community Association dues should be paid by the Dues Notice Deadline, as published in the Westacres Weekly each year to avoid late fees and to avoid having wristbands repossessed. Dues may be paid electronically or via check. Dues amount and payment deadline are decided during the annual meeting in February.

How do I subscribe to the Westacres Weekly?

  • Westacres Weekly subscriptions are included in the WCA dues statement. The Westacres Weekly is independent of the WCA and/or any other organization.

How can my child gain consideration for a Westacres Weekly delivery job?

  • All Westacres youth, 10 years old and up, are eligible for a Westacres Weekly paper route. Contact to be added to the waiting list.

What is an APP, and how do I get one?

  • All-Property-Passes are Wristbands distributed to WCA members in good standing with dues and assessments current. These passes are only to be used by these WCA members and their guests.

    Once the Beach officially opens, wristbands must be worn on the Beach as well as on all community property in Westacres including the Boatwell, Boy Scout Point and Lakefront Property behind Winterberry. This will be enforced for all members and guests.

    All guests under 21 years old, when on any WCA community property, must be accompanied by a WCA resident/member in good standing, who may be under 21. Host resident(s) and guest(s) must all wear wristbands.

    Wristbands remain WCA’s property, with members allowed the privilege of using them. Moving? Please return to the Beach Chairperson.

How can I reserve guest wristbands?

  • To reserve guest wristbands, text John Watson at 517-862-9279, M – F, 5 p.m. – 9  p.m., or Sat. – Sun., 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. to submit your request.

    Please reserve Guest Wristbands a minimum of 1 week in advance keeping in mind, if you do not reserve them early enough, there may not be any available. No Guest Wristbands are available on Sundays, holidays, or Aquacade Weekend. The maximum Guest Wristbands given to any one WCA member in good standing is 35. No more than 70 writst bands will be distributed in one day. All wristbands are date stamped and only good for the day reserved. (Guest Wristbands are disposable and do not have to be returned.)

    All WCA members are responsible for helping monitor use of wristbands.

How do I get some of that great Westacres Merch?

  • For Westacres logo’d items, watch for flyers in the Westacres Weekly. For specific requests, contact the Westacres Women’s Club representative at

How do I request dock space for my boat?

  • WCA Dock Space Request Forms will be available electronically and through the Westacres Weekly starting in March. Note the early/strictly followed deadline. (Save form, fill out, submit on time!)

How do I get a key for the tennis courts or the boatwell?

  • Tennis Court keys and keys to the boatwell should be requested at the beginning of the season. Forms will be in the Westacres Weekly.

I’d like to reserve the Clubhouse. Who do I contact?