Westacres Community Association Beach Rules

The following rules are to promote the safe operation of the Westacres beach and picnic area. Please review these rules with the members of your household and any guests you bring to the beach. These rules have been developed over several years for your safety; please abide by them.

Users of the beach and picnic areas are responsible for their own and their family’s safety.  Users of these areas do so at their own risk. Lifeguards are provided to assist swimmers in trouble but ultimately you are responsible for your family’s and guest’s safety. The beach and common areas are open to residents (dues paid and in good standing) and their guests. All beach visitors must wear APP (All Property Pass) wristbands visible at all times. Guest (non-resident) bands are available separately upon resident request.

Common area (Picnic area)

  1. Golf carts and motorized vehicles are not permitted past the beach gate at the top of the hill, with Golf carts to park in designated parking area. Two exceptions to the rule are:
    • Only with prior WCA board approval, vehicles may be used for drop-off/pickup of residents who would otherwise have difficulty accessing the beach/picnic area.   Vehicles for this purpose are not allowed past the bike racks at bottom of the hill.
    • Residents with special parking permit stickers may park their golf cart in the designated area at the bottom of the hill opposite the bike racks. Permit stickers available from the Beach Chairperson.
  2. Please keep our beach area clean!! No littering. All residents and guests are responsible to pick up their own trash and garbage and remove from beach and picnic area. This includes cigarette butts! Garbage dumpster is available at the top of the beach hill.
  3. Bicycles are to be left only at the bike racks at the top and bottom of the hill. Bikes are not allowed on the beach or within picnic area. WCA not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  4. No boats (with or without motor) can be anchored or stored on the beach property overnight.
  5. Restrooms are available for use by residents and their guests during beach hours only.  Please be courteous and help to keep them clean.

Crib Swimming Area (shallow side): 

  1. One swimmer on the slides at a time.
  2. Swimmers to stay within the marked shallow side roped area. 
  3. On busy days when there are multiple swimmers on the deep side, lifeguards will be facing deep area. Parents and guardians are responsible for your own swimmer!

Raft Swimming Area (Deep Side):

  1. All those under 14 years of age must pass a “Red Cap” swimming test before entering the deep side water. Red Cap wristbands to be worn as confirmation to Lifeguards that test was passed.
  2. Non-red cap swimmers must have a parent/guardian with them “attentive to rescue” and within arms reach if swimming in the deep side shallow area. 
  3. If non-red capped swimmers are headed to the raft, they must have an adult with them AND a lifejacket.
  4. No swimming under the raft.
  5. No more than one person on a diving platform or board at a time.
  6. Rough play (pushing) on the raft is not permitted as well as foul language as this a family atmosphere. Violating this rule could result in violator being “beached” for period of time or asked to leave beach area for repeated same-day offenses, at the discretion of the lifeguards.

Beach Area:

  1. No diving off the break wall.
  2. The lifeguard tower is off limits to all except lifeguards.
  3. NO fishing, NO glass, NO vehicles, and NO pets are allowed at the beach or picnic area!
  4. While Lifeguards are on duty, swimmers must be red capped and at least 12 years of age in order to swim without a parent/guardian at the beach.
  5. While Lifeguards are on duty, they have the right to clear the water due to inclement weather.
  6. When lifeguards are off duty, swimmers must be 14 or older to swim without a parent/ guardian at the beach.
  7. Resident Guest beach tags are only valid the day of the party and non-transferrable. 


  1. All resident members are responsible for observing and the enforcement of these rules. 
  2. All resident members are responsible for the actions of their guests and their family at the beach.
  3. The lifeguards and hired Security personnel have the right to enforce all the above rules including asking a member to leave the beach, or remove rule violator from the water.
  4. The WCA Board reserves the right to restrict a member’s Beach privileges for any Beach Rules violation.  
  5. Repeated violations will result in a review and possible restrictions in a member’s ability to utilize the beach.

Have Fun, Be Safe and Enjoy your Beach !!


What is an APP? 

  • All-Property-Passes (APP) are Wristbands distributed to WCA members in good standing with dues and assessments paid and current. These passes are only to be used by these WCA members and their guests.

When do I wear an APP, and who wears them?

  • Once the Beach officially opens, wristbands must be worn on the Beach as well as on all community property in Westacres including the Boatwell, Boy Scout Point and Lakefront Property behind Winterberry. This will be enforced for all members and guests.

    All guests under 21 years old, when on any WCA community property, must be accompanied by a WCA resident/member in good standing, who may be under 21. Host resident(s) and guest(s) must all wear wristbands.

    Wristbands remain WCA’s property, with members allowed the privilege of using them. Moving? Please return your APP bands to the Beach Chairperson.

I’ve paid my dues, how do I get my family APPs?

  • New color APPs bands will be introduced each year. For current residents, you can return the previous year’s APP wristbands during beach clean up in the spring. Residents in good standing will receive 10 replacement bands per family for new season. If you cannot attend beach clean up, please check the Westacres weekly or our website at to find out where to pick up and exchange your APP bands, or contact the Beach Chairperson.

I’ve lost my APP bands from last year, can I get replacement bands?

  • Each family gets 10 APP bands, for every missing band lost or not returned the cost is $10 per band to replace.  

How can I reserve guest wristbands?

  • To reserve guest wristbands, text John Watson at 517-862-9279, M – F, 5 p.m. – 9  p.m., or Sat. – Sun., 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. to submit your request.
  • Please reserve Guest Wristbands a minimum of 1 week in advance keeping in mind, if you do not reserve them early enough, there may not be any available due to capacity limitations.
  • No Guest Wristbands are available on Sundays, holidays, or Aquacade Weekend.
  • The maximum Guest Wristbands given to any one WCA family in good standing is 35. All wristbands are date stamped and only good for the day reserved.
  • Guest Wristbands are disposable and do not have to be returned.
  • All WCA members are responsible for helping monitor use of wristbands.

Why is Security at the beach?

  • Security is provided at the beach to help residents enforce all Beach rules, APP wearing, and to help protect our assets from uninvited visitors. They are licensed contractors whose aim is to support and assist our community as required, with keeping everyone safe as top priority.