Westacres 75th Anniversary 2011


Dear Westacres Residents Past and Present,

Become a lasting part of our history by honoring your loved ones or recognizing your family through a donation to the newly created Westacres History fund. Created with accessibility in mind, the very first use of this fund will be the creation of time capsule to be filled by us and opened at our 100th anniversary!

It will also help us fund projects including but not limited to our 75th anniversary book (to fund non-pre-sale copies until sold) and preserving our archives and artifacts.

Fund structure: We are recognizing four levels of contribution; $50-$199 (Red Cap), $200-$499 (Fire Chief), $500-$999 (Blue Ribbon), and $1,000 or more (Pioneer).

Contributions and recognition: All contributions made prior to June 30, 2011 will be listed in the Westacres 75th anniversary book. Donations will be accepted in perpetuity.

Your consideration for making a special gift to our community is appreciated. Please contact Scott Boone (248-363-2898, sweetbriar4@yahoo.com) with questions.

Here is the contribution form: Click to Contribute

Westacres 75th Anniversary Book

Keeping with past tradition, we are developing a comprehensive look at our history in a book we expect to approach 200 pages. Yes, technological advances are enabling a photo-rich and detailed look at our amazing journey from our origins as a low-income housing project to a thriving community rich in friendships and a unique lifestyle. Original artwork from our talented residents and many rare photos will adorn our pages.

book order form

Please help us!

Send us your photos from the 1950 thru the 1980s

If have some gems you would like to briefly lend to us, we would be most grateful.

For an inventory of desired shots click here

Or you can mail photos and slides to the address below. We will scan and return them completely unharmed within 10 days!

Scott Boone
7428 Sweetbriar Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48324

Questions? Call Scott at 248-462-1807

You can see more pictures of Westacres (both old and new) on see more photos on flickr.com

In case you were wondering, the Boones live in the Stack's home!

Send us your Special stories and memories

The essence of the Westacres experience is incomplete without short reflections of our residents. If you would like to contribute a memory, or simply kept in the loop regarding our anniversary celebrations, please fill in the form below. Share your short story with us! We just might make you famous! Names, approximate year, and the occasion will surely help us consider your story in the book. We promise to respect your privacy and will not contact you except with anniversary information.